India joins China to account for dominant proportion of international students

Over the years, China has been the biggest driver of international student numbers to all the top destination countries including US, Australia, Canada, UK and New Zealand. In the last three years, India has seen a healthy surge too.

Students from India and China account for anywhere between 35-45% of the total international students in t...

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Australia consolidates #2 position with record numbers in 2015

Yes, we all are familiar with how Australia fell off from our radars as the place of choice for international education when a string of racially motivated incidents against Asian students created such a scare.

But not only have those issues been dealt with very effectively by the Australian government, but the aggressive wooing by univer...

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Canada, a fast-growing choice for the past 5 years

Going by the presence of Canadian universities and colleges in India, or the intensity of their marketing efforts, you would think that India is not really an important market. Or even the Indian students don’t really consider Canada as a top choice.

The international student numbers for 2015 have not been released by Canada yet, but we...

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