Top emerging destinations: Germany and, yes, China too

We have been just as surprised by this new trend. Russia has traditionally been a tier 2 destination country for Indian students. And Singapore in recent times has been an aspirational choice too.

The conventional logic also says that, beyond a point, non-English speaking countries will not really gain among Indian students. Well, last ye...

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Biggest-ever spike in UG admissions to US


Last year, UG numbers from India to US grew by an unprecedented 30%, to over 16,500 students.

Graduate numbers to US increased faster, by 39.3%. And the graduate numbers are 5 times bigger, so we are not saying that the undergraduate market is going to be as significant as post-graduate anytime soon.

But the spike in ...

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3X more interest in Bachelor’s than Master’s degree abroad

Indian students have been known to seek international education options for their master’s degree in large numbers. And that has been accepted wisdom for a long time.

Perhaps the most surprising finding of the Indian Secondary Schools Survey 2015 has been an overwhelming preference for Bachelor’s programs abroad.

Almost half of...

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