Canada, a fast-growing choice for the past 5 years

by UQ Research

Going by the presence of Canadian universities and colleges in India, or the intensity of their marketing efforts, you would think that India is not really an important market. Or even the Indian students don’t really consider Canada as a top choice.

The international student numbers for 2015 have not been released by Canada yet, but we can confidently project that more than there were more than 55,000 students from India last year.

That’s not a trivial number – that would mean that 1 in 6 students from India go to Canada. Compared to that, 1 in 3 students go to US. And number of students going to Australia is only slightly higher than Canada.

So Indian students are definitely signing up for Canada in ever-larger numbers, and that’s one of the big reasons why Canada is now the third-most popular destination globally.

International student number growth rates have been the highest for Canada in the past 5 years, compared to all other countries. So while Australia has had its ups and downs, and US continues to steadily grow, Canada is the fastest growing among them.

One of the biggest factors aiding Canada is the corresponding decline of UK as a popular destination country. The UK government is actively trying to reduce its international student numbers, so that’s helping Canada.

In fact, what UK has lost from India has almost entirely been Canada’s gain, as our chart below suggests

Canada has gained more than 41,000 students in the past 6 years
Canada has gained more than 41,000 students in the past 6 years

Having said that, Canada does not aggressively woo international students, and its southern neighbor (US) is only increasing its appetite for international students. Last year, record number of Indian students went to the US.

Canada has a lot more going for it than others. First and foremost, it is probably the most friendly and multi-cultural society, so the living experience as a student is probably going to be nicer.

Two, it is also not as expensive as the US, and the Canadian universities and colleges are just as good.

These among other factors have been responsible for putting Canada among the Top 3 destination countries for international students in the past few years.

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